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The word "yoga" is a Sanscrit word meaning "to yoke" or "to unite." While yoga has become a mainstay in America's health and fitness industry, the benefits of yoga actually extend far beyond the physical, due largely to its primary aim: to bring together, or to unite, the pieces of us that have become disjointed. In a classical yoga practice, we seek to "yoke" together a number of key elements, including, among others:

Pranayama (breath),

Dhyana (meditation/focus), and

Asana (movement)

At Sacred SoulScapes, our aim is to apply these basic yogic principles to the spiritual journey, weaving together:

Ruach (the breath/wind/spirit of God which dwells within and brings us life),

Meditation (in the form of contemplative prayer practices), and

Movement (the physical and spiritual act of increasing flexibility, strength, and balance).

Please check out our ongoing in-person and online class options below!

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