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Why Spiritual Direction?

Because we each have a voice that yearns to be heard...  

...and a soul that longs to be seen...

...and a heart that needs to be felt.

Because life is hard and lonely sometimes, and we are not meant to go it alone.

Because sometimes we have more questions than we have answers, and we need a space to wrestle with the hard questions without being given easy or trite answers.


Because sometimes we need to be reminded that it is okay to feel joy even when we are grieving, or to feel anger even toward God, or to have our feelings of overwhelm and underwhelm seen and acknowledged.


Because sometimes a new perspective or a new practice or a new way to pray is just what we need for seeking and approaching God in a new way and rekindling a flickering flame.


Because sometimes grace seems like it is in short supply...

...and it is hart to find someone we can trust...

...or someone who really wants to listen.


Simply-put, Spiritual Direction is the art of sacred listening, in which a compassionate listener (also known as a “spiritual director” or “spiritual companion”) holds space for you to tell your story, wrestle with your struggles, ask life’s hard questions, discern life’s direction, and ultimately, grow and deepen in relationship with God.

While Spiritual Direction traditionally takes the form of a one-on-one sit-down conversation (actually, a 3-way conversation, as we recognize the Holy Spirit's presence with us), at Sacred SoulScapes we honor the deep need for connection to nature and to physical movement that is inherent to our very existence, and that has a profound impact on the spiritual life. Therefore, we also offer spiritual direction coupled with hiking and/or yoga as a way to enter into a more “embodied” conversation with God.

Spiritual Direction sessions generally last about an hour (or sometimes longer, if paired with hiking or yoga) and take place roughly once a month. They may take place either in person or online, and they are tailored to the needs of each individual directee.

We offer sessions on a sliding scale, with suggested rates ranging from $40-$80 per session (with your first introductory session being free, as we get to know one another and discern together whether this relationship will be a good “fit.”) We are also committed to never turning someone away due to an inability to pay. Regardless of your financial situation, if you long to journey alongside a spiritual director or spiritual companion, we would find it an honor to work with you.

Individual Spiritual Direction

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Private Yoga Session
with Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual Direction Hikes

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