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Take your heart and mind along life's journey and into a space of prayer and contemplation with this hand-carved finger labyrinth, based upon the Chartres Cathedral design.

Product dimensions: Each labyrinth is handmade from real wood slices and, therefore, is as unique as the tree from which it came. Some are more circular; some more oblong; some a little more irregular. They average roughly 10-13 inches in diameter (rarely smaller; occasionally a bit larger).

New as of February 2023: We have two varieties to choose from: A basswood variety, which is generally a bit more oblong than it is circular. These labyrinths are lightweight, with a more "rustic" feel to the bark, and a smooth, honey-colored finish. The paulownia wood variety is more circular than the basswood variety (although some come in a more irregular shape - if you prefer an irregular variety, please contact us and let us know). It is a sturdy and strong labyrinth with colorful rings in varieties of browns, pinks, and purples.

Rustic Finger Labyrinth

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