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What Is Sacred SoulScapes?

We live in a world of disconnection:

Disconnection from the natural world that nourishes us and gives us life;

disconnection from the physical bodies that we inhabit;

and disconnection from our very souls and the spirit of God that dwells within.

And yet, our souls are created for connection.

Sacred SoulScapes is a ministry that seeks to recover that which has been lost, and to reconnect and re-engage our souls with the God of creation, the God of incarnation, and the God who dwells within and among us.

Through meditative hikes and other outdoor adventures; through the practice of yoga; and through a practice of sacred listening known as spiritual direction, it is our prayer that we will together come to discover a way of being within the world that draws us into a deeper and more compassionate connection with ourselves, with one another, and with the divine.

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